Improve Team Building with EQ Assessments


Understanding both ourselves and our co-workers is crucial to building emotionally intelligent and successful teams. By taking the time to dive deep into your individual EQ skills and learning about the skills of teammates through comprehensive assessments, you can help create a positive, curious culture that supports learning and [...]

Improve Team Building with EQ Assessments2022-05-24T14:41:55-05:00

Implementing EQ into Your Hiring and Onboarding Processes


Amid the Great Resignation, companies are struggling to capture job seekers’ attention. Hear from EQ-i Coach CEO and Founder Roberta Moore as she shares the top EQ qualities to implement into your hiring process to help you attract quality talent to your company. [...]

Implementing EQ into Your Hiring and Onboarding Processes2022-03-03T12:23:20-06:00

Addressing Stress


Did you know that not all stress is bad stress? Some types can help us be more productive and more receptive to new information when we have the right mindset. Developing the EQ skill of stress tolerance can mean the difference between being unable to overcome feeling overwhelmed and [...]

Addressing Stress2021-10-26T11:09:23-05:00

Using EQ Skills to Combat The Great Resignation


In today’s world, employees at all levels care very much about how they are treated in the workplace. Neglecting to include EQ in both your workplace culture, and during the hiring process, could lead to resignations.

Using EQ Skills to Combat The Great Resignation2021-10-01T13:39:57-05:00
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