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Roberta Moore

Certified Leadership Coaching Specialist, licensed psychotherapist, executive coach, author, and 2020 Enterprising Women of the Year Award winner Roberta Moore uses her nearly four decades of expertise to help teams and individuals master emotional intelligence skills to improve performance, productivity, communication, and collaboration in the modern workplace.

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  • a team lead looking for a way to improve performance?
  • a manager hoping to join the C-suite?
  • an executive interested in mastering leadership skills?
  • a professional at any level who wants to become a better leader, communicator, and collaborator?

Emotional intelligence is the key to improving performance, reaching your professional goals, leading effectively, and finding fulfillment both in and out of the office.

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Begin improving your EQ—and achieving your goals through the EQ-i Coach’s services, including:


EQ-i 2.0 Assessments identify individual and team EQ strengths and weaknesses, providing the insight needed to form actionable strategies for improved performance and team dynamics.

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EQ-i 2.0 Audits address undesirable workplace behaviors or incidents that can have far-reaching negative effects, pinpointing underlying causes and providing insights needed to take corrective action.

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EQ Coaching offers supportive, hands-on guidance to help individuals and teams hone their EQ skills and learn tactics for healthy, productive interactions.

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EQ Workshops introduce emotional intelligence concepts to large groups, outlining the ways that EQ can be leveraged for both individual and group workplace success.

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What Our

EQ-i Clients Say

“With Roberta’s background in both business and psychology, she understood our environment and how to navigate it. She is a humble, grounded leader and she knew how to draw things out of individuals and then addressed those issues in a very professional, non-judgmental way. The coaching has helped our entire team…we have become more communicative, approachable, and thoughtful in our responses. This change has made people more comfortable bringing ideas to the executive team…and the more ideas considered, the more our business flourishes! We are better listeners, which has strengthened our relationships with each other and also with our clients.”

Gerard M Hempstead, CPA, CFP®, Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual – St. Louis

“Now our culture is one where better up-front accountability explanations occur, with a softer, more human approach. The team communication and collaboration is greatly improved, resulting in better ideas, a more streamlined work process, and an enhanced workplace environment.”

CEO of an EQ-i Coach not-for-profit agency client

“I first met Roberta through Focus St. Louis’ CORO Women in Leadership program and was immediately blown away by Roberta and emotional intelligence. Not only did I learn so much about myself and my emotional intelligence weaknesses, Roberta shared tips and techniques for how to improve. I have since invited Roberta to work with my own organization and our leadership teams. Thank you, Roberta!”

Carrie Gallagher Crompton, President 2018-20, Junior League of St. Louis

“I went into Roberta’s class not knowing what EQ was or how it pertained to me, but I left very interested in the subject. I purchased Roberta’s book and am very interested in exploring EQ subject matter and expanding my EQ. It was a great class and a great presentation. Thank you!”

Nathan Webb, St. Louis Branch Manager, dormakaba

“Roberta enabled my team to think introspectively about their contributions to the team and office culture, as well as helping us all understand how we can maximize overall performance as we refine our individual contributions using emotional intelligence. After her workshop, there wasn’t a single individual on my 23-person team that didn’t find Roberta’s explanation and activities helpful!”

Nichole R. Mercier, Ph.D., Managing Director, Office of Technology Management, Washington University
“Roberta facilitated an incredibly engaging and interactive Enterprise University course. It can be challenging to engage attendees and encourage participation in a webinar, but Roberta did both flawlessly!”
Gabrielle Costales, Sr. Events Manager / Enterprise Bank & Trust

“Thank you to Roberta Moore for facilitating a wonderfully informative virtual event last Thursday “Creating the Workplace of the Future with EQi.”

Cheryl Throgmorton, Ed.D., SPHR, President, STL-ODN
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Higher EQ = Higher Productivity & Profits.

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