When Air Force recruiters selected candidates for technical skills and high emotional intelligence (EQ), retention increased from 50% (when selecting on technical skills only) to 96% (when selected for technical skills and EQ), totaling a savings of $3 million a year.

That's why Moore Relationships recognizes your key revenue-generating resource is your people. Our executive coaching sessions, group workshops and individual training provide opportunities for your staff to learn the skills and behaviors they need to be productive and successful individually and as a part of your team.

Each workshop is designed to reach all three learning styles – auditory, kinesthetic and visual – to keep participants actively learning. Adult learners stay engaged as we present topics in concept form, put them into practice through experiential learning and play, and collaborate on lessons learned.

Roberta Moore's presentation style significantly increases learner retention, leading to their ability to immediately implement new concepts with confidence. No snoring, boring lecture here – let’s get the learning, laughter and aha moments rolling.

Crossed wires and miscommunication are among the biggest issues facing teams today. If your employees learn fundamental communication skills so they effectively hear others’ messages – along with feeling heard – collaboration and productivity skyrockets.


  • Do your employees listen to and understand you? Do you listen to and understand them?
  • Are you and your team repeating the same conversations?
  • Do you ask your employees or coworker for work, yet receive a finished project that’s totally different from what you expected? Or, perhaps a staffer doesn’t complete the project at all?

By learning and understanding basic communication skills, improve your team’s effectiveness and productivity. Great communication also increases employee engagement and promotes collaboration, building a stronger team. Research suggests everyone just wants to be seen, heard and understood. By learning to communicate with your head and heart, you can build a team that consistently wants to go the extra mile for you. The resulting performance boost will increase your bottom line.

This hands-on workshop develops basic relational skills, with an emphasis on practically applying concepts through experiential learning. Core skill development and tools include making eye contact, modulating your tone of voice, being authentic and sincere, and building reflective listening and self-awareness skills.

Depending on your culture and environment, it can be beneficial to break the workshop into individual or cross-departmental groups, or a management and a staff workshop, to discuss and resolve critical issues in a safe environment.

Participants gain increased self-awareness about their own and others’ communication styles. They practice what good communication skills look and feel like, leading to more effective, efficient and productive communication.

Do you want to leverage you team’s different personalities and work styles as strengths, rather than allowing those differences to cause communication breakdowns and a lack of collaboration on key projects?


  • Are you a “work first, play later” boss who manages a “play first, work later” team?
  • Do you value independence first while your coworkers primarily values collaboration?
  • Are you a millennial who thinks baby boomers are stuck in the past? Are you a boomer who thinks millennials can’t get their noses out of their smartphones? Yes? Then how do you work together?

Two people don’t require the same values, skills, personality traits, generation or age group to work well together. In fact, working with people who have complementary skills, personalities and ages can help you flex your stress tolerance (that’s your ability to effectively cope with stressful or difficult situations) and improve flexibility (your ability to adapt your feelings, thinking and behavior to change), which contributes to higher emotional intelligence.

Change in some entrepreneurial cultures happens quickly, while in some corporate cultures happens slower. Regardless of the speed of change, some people welcome and embrace it, while others need extra time to jump aboard the new train. This workshop helps both groups find techniques to effectively contribute and produce at the speed of change of the organization with more confidence and less stress.

This workshop is especially designed for organizations or departments involved in: a merger or acquisition, introduction or reduction of product lines or service offerings, or workforce reduction or hiring acceleration process. It’s also an effective tool for a workforce having challenges blending a multi-generation staff into a cohesively productive workforce.

Participants gain a better insight into the purpose and need for change management in organizational process and culture. They learn the techniques to embrace change, and know when and how to share challenges and solutions to make change more productive.

What if everyone on your team is just out for themselves? On the other hand, what if everyone worked toward a common goal or achievement to which they felt personally connected? This workshop builds bridges between people on the same or cross-departmental teams, along with increasing overall productivity.

Participants interactively learn new techniques to perceive old issues and sticking points. Plus, they gain better listening and negotiation skills and as they start to understand the basics of collaboration in a dynamic group setting.

People with opposing personality traits sometimes have trouble understanding each other. Yet, there’s great value in working with someone who has a different, but complementary personality or skillset. This workshop helps managers and employees at odds with each other learn techniques to respect and appreciate each other’s unique talents as they collaborate on mutual goals.

This workshop is your answer to “problem” employees or divided-department issues every organization faces. Participants gain effective techniques to perceive, listen and communicate effectively, even in tense or previously troubled situations. Managers will experience a reduced or eliminated need to intervene in staff issues and disputes.

With people in five different generations in the workforce, it’s key for people in the silent generation to understand and value Gen Z, or Gen X to understand and value baby boomers. Generally speaking, people who’ve been in the workforce longer have deep experience and expertise, while people new to the workforce are highly optimistic and more willing to take a risk. This interactive workshop helps both groups focus on positive interactions and let go of negative perceptions.

Multi-generational participants gain a better insight into the purpose and need for different skillsets, talents, experience and perspectives in organizational process and culture. They also learn techniques to embrace the differences in their colleagues and know when to and how to share challenges and solutions to make the change process more productive. Managers learn to blend a multi-generation staff into a cohesively productive workforce.

We’ve often heard the adage that if you love your work, you’ll never “work” a day in your life. However, many people find their commutes and eight-hour (or more) day jobs to be a grind. What if you could align your passions with your current role, and reinvigorate yourself to love coming into work each day and start inspiring your team?


  • Do you feel passionate about your career?
  • Does work feel like play or a daily grind?
  • Do you play as hard as you work?

The ability to balance your work and personal life is one of the top five retention drivers across all generations in the global workplace, according to the Towers Perrin Global Workforce Study.

Are you and your team in love with your careers or is it a daily grind? If going to work feels like going to play, you’re in the right place.  If not, you need to reassess because life’s too short to waste. Come play with us as we help you discover your true passions in life.

Participants learn techniques to reverse burnout, increase creativity and enjoyment, and see where their passions align closely with their work for increased satisfaction and productivity. This workshop is especially focused as an effective tool for a team in need of inspiration for innovation and growth. 


Employees are tired of playing games and just want to be themselves … They’re managing their careers and looking to advance by searching for jobs that truly fuel their passion, fulfill their desires and ignite their real talent.
— Glenn Llopis, “Five Ways to Lead With Emotional Intelligence and Boost Productivity,” Forbes.com

Workshop pricing is based on number of attendees, length, customization needs and number of workshops. Please ask about special discounts for booking a three or more workshops in a series.