Workshops are an effective way to introduce emotional intelligence concepts to large groups. EQ-i Coach works with corporations, associations, and groups across industries throughout the country conducting half- and full-day workshops. Organizations may choose from one of the topics listed below or contact EQ-i Coach to discuss the possibility of a custom workshop topic.

Don’t Pull the Trigger: Recognizing and Addressing Emotional Triggers

Explore how emotions can hijack the brain and learn how to take control of reactive behavior.

What is EQ and Why Should I Care?

An introduction to emotional intelligence and why it’s important in both personal and professional life.

Perspective for Profit: Emotional Self-Awareness and Expression

Knowing how to read yourself and others can contribute to increased perspective—and profit. Learn how reactions are tied to revenue in this workshop.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Insights, explanations, and practical tips on how to become a more effective and inspiring leader.

Today’s Leadership Challenge: Multigenerational Teams

Learn how to lead teams that have different mindsets, behaviors, and motivators.

Navigating Change Successfully

Change is stressful. Learn what to expect, how to cope, and how to lead through it.

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