At MetLife, salespeople who had higher optimism than their peers achieved 37% higher sales.
— EQ Leader Program
A national insurance company reported that sales staff who had higher EQ scored 211% higher sales than peers who had the same sales training.
— EQ Leader Program

CEOs and sales managers, is your sales team:

  • Hitting their numbers, or stalling out from prospect and client rejection?
  • Passionate about what they sell, or lacking optimism about the ROI they offer clients?
  • Connecting authentically with their base, or pushing people away?

Your key revenue-generating resource is your people.

On a sales A-team, there’s only room for superstars and rising star performers. If your sales team doesn’t possess and practice these five key sales skills, it’s guaranteed they won’t be as successful as their colleagues and competitors who do:

  • Self-actualization: the ability to improve yourself and pursue meaningful objectives.
  • Assertiveness: the ability to express your feelings, beliefs and thoughts in a non-destructive way.
  • Happiness: the ability to feel satisfied with yourself, others and life in general.
  • Optimism: the ability to remain hopeful and resilient, despite setbacks.
  • Self-regard: the ability to respect and accept your strengths and weaknesses.

Source: Emotional and Social Intelligence research conducted by Multi-Health Systems


Moore Relationships provides unparalleled opportunities for your sales staff to learn the proven skills and behavior they need to be productive and successful – and of course, to accelerate sales. Plus, sales managers will discover how to separate rising sales stars from low performers, so you know where to put your talent development time and dollars, and refine your hiring practices.


Using proven Mastermind facilitation techniques, Roberta Moore leads lively monthly group sessions to help your sales team remove limiting behavior barriers so they can meet their sales goals. To reinforce these skills, your program can include weekly or bi-weekly touchpoints – e-mails, texts and/or phone calls – to consistently redirect your team’s focus back to the successful behaviors that will help them hit their sales goals until they become ingrained winning habits.

Use one-on-one, weekly or biweekly coaching to improve and balance your team members’ five key emotional intelligence skills. When you choose Individual Acceleration Coaching, Roberta Moore focuses on individual behaviors and techniques, often achieving a faster success rate in developing winning sales habits than in group work. For your convenience, sessions can be conducted in person in your office or at Moore Relationships, or by phone or online meeting.


Pricing is based on size of group or number of people being coached, frequency and touchpoint support package. Contact us for more information on choosing the right package for your organization.