I used to be so poor at managing my emotions that I cried during results reviews because I wasn’t able to tolerate negative feedback. It’s not that I was incompetent, it’s just that I inherited negative belief patterns from the environment I grew up in. Convinced I could overcome this weakness, I sought help to improve my emotional intelligence (EQ) and got hooked on studying what makes people happy and successful both at work and at home.

When you're my client, I listen carefully to what's keeping you up at night in regards to running your business, managing your career and your team, or building relationships in your personal life. I help you identify thoughts and emotions that hold you back from achieving your goals.  We engage in dynamic discussions to help you imagine what you want your future to look like, and together we work to execute your vision.

When there's clarity of vision, thoughts, emotions and focus, you have the motivation and fortitude to achieve your goals. To begin, I do a thorough assessment of your situation, either by interviewing you and relevant team members or by using the assessment tools I am certified in. Once we know your emotional strengths and behavioral weaknesses we create a developmental plan to help you balance them and increase your EQ.

We focus on building the EQ skills that predict success in your industry. Together we increase your EQ while improving performance, productivity and profitability. This makes you more successful and happy.

To make it easier to understand the concept of EQ and how it will benefit you, I've written a book due out this spring: Emotion at Work: Unleash the Secret Power of Emotional Intelligence.

Roberta Moore