In, Emotion at Work: Unleashing the Secret Power of Emotional Intelligence, founder of EQ-i Coach, Roberta Moore, explores how taking emotion to work with you can enhance your professional life and act as the make-or-break difference that takes you from being stuck to stellar success. Using the conceptual model of emotional intelligence developed by Dr. Reuven Bar-On, Moore lays out 16 fundamental emotional skills vital for workplace success. Culled from her own background in the financial services industry, Moore presents real-life stories to illustrate how emotional intelligence functions in the professional sphere. She includes written exercises that go well beyond traditional, rational goal-setting and journaling. In fact, they stimulate you to begin relying on and exercising your emotional resources, with an immediate result of strengthening your emotional intelligence.

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Publisher: Conscious Choices Corp.


Can taking emotion to work really enhance your work performance? YES, as demonstrated by corporate coach and veteran psychotherapist Roberta Moore as she explores 16 fundamental emotional skills vital for workplace success using Dr. Reuven Bar-On’s proven model of emotional intelligence in Emotion at Work. This is a must-read book for C-suite executives who want insider tips to skyrocket their careers and motivate their teams to perform at their peak. Roberta is spot-on!
Craig Palubliak, President, Optim Group

Skilled psychotherapist Roberta Moore expertly explains how taking emotion to work can be the make-or-break difference that takes you from being stuck in less-than-optimal performance to stellar success – and professional brilliance. Her suggestions are on-point with helping managers improve their leadership skills from day one. Spend one hour with Roberta and you too can experience what I have come to enjoy in our professional dealings.
Rod Cooper, Founder and Owner, RKCC Coaching and Speaking LLC

Many people choose to live a life of quiet desperation not knowing what causes them to behave in certain ways and not realizing how that impacts their relationships. I invite you to engage in the purposeful and challenging work of self-exploration discussed in this book. The journey isn’t always easy, but the reward is great – a happier, more productive life filled with better personal and professional relationships.
Gerard M. Hempstead CPA, CFP®, Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual – St. Louis


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