EQ-i assessments explore the emotional intelligence traits and behaviors of individuals and teams through the use of in-depth questionnaires and discussion. Assessment results are discussed in a subsequent follow-up session. This debriefing includes actionable steps to address areas for improvement.

Individual Assessment: A manager or employee takes a scientifically robust assessment which compares them against leaders in a variety of industries to set a baseline measure. EQ-i Coach then spends 90 minutes with the individual to go over the assessment and discuss next steps.

Investment: $1,200

Team Assessment: Teams or departments with up to 20 people take a scientifically robust assessment which compares each person against leaders in a variety of industries to determine individual EQ scores and how those scores contribute to a group dynamic. EQ-i Coach then leads a 4-hour group debrief to discuss the data and provide actionable recommendations for moving forward with intention.

Investment: $11,500 ($600 per additional person for teams exceeding 20)

360-Degree Assessment: Nine people above and below (in terms of corporate and team hierarchy) receive a link to assess an individual to obtain a 360-degree perspective on this person as a subordinate and a manager. EQ-i Coach works with the individual being assessed to select those receiving the link. A report is created that compares the composites of all those who completed the assessment to the individual’s self-assessment. The individual being assessed and his/her manager are then debriefed.

Investment: $1,200

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